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TutuApp VIP is the latest in a long line of app installers, all designed to try and take the place of Cydia. TutuApp VIP and apps like Emus4U offers a much wider choice of Cydia apps and tweaks than any of the other installers do and it also offers you free access to all the content you can find in the iOS app store. That means all the paid content you want, for free. Downloading TutuApp VIP Installer is not as simple as downloading an app from the iOS app store though; to get it, you need to use Tutu Helper to install a configuration profile straight onto your iOS device, without the need for a computer. It is one of the easiest app installers to use and we’re going to show you how to get it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and how to fix any errors that you may meet along the way.

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How to Download Tutu Helper :

There are two main methods to download Tutu Helper . Both these methods are explained below.

Method 1 : Safari Browser 

  1. First open up the Safari web browser and go to Step 2 
  2. In the address bar type in the following address  http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link )  
  3. As the page loads , tap on the UP arrow at the bottom center on the iPhone . iPad users would find it at top right corner .  
  4. In the next screen you will see some more options ; tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Name the app icon TutuApp and then tap on Add button 
  6. Now exit Safari and you will find the Tutu Helper app on your homescreen. Now proceed to next steps.

Video: Watch this video for the detailed steps

After TutuApp is installed on your device.

  1. From your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, launch the TutuApp
  2. Find the iOS version of your device and click on the download link.
  3. A page containing a lot of information about Tutu Helper, read it and then click on the link that says Install directly to iOS device [ this will help you to install the configuration profile onto your iOS device ]
  4. Your settings app opens to the Install Profile page automatically; click on Install and input your passcode if you need to 
  5. Now a page will open in Safari; click a link that says Install TutuApp 
  6. A confirmation window will open, click on Install 
  7. Your Settings app opens again so click Install
  8. Next click Next > Install  
  9. Finally, click Install and Done  
  10. TutuApp VIP Installer is now ready for you to start using

Fixing TutuApp VIP Errors :

While these are few and far between, you may come across one of the following errors, both of which can easily be resolved :

  1. If you get a Profile Installation Failed error, you can find the guide to fix it at the given link
  2. If an app you installed won’t run, open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Now look for the certificate for the app and click Trust. It should run now.
  3. There is a third issue that arises on every device that has TutuApp installed on it and, by now, you have likely encountered it. If you haven’t, within 7 days of you installing TutuApp, it will crash, taking all the apps you installed with it. The only way to get them back is to reinstall TutuApp and start all over again but be prepared for it to crash again. It does this because Apple revokes the certificate and the only way to stop this from happening is to download NessTool [ext link]. By installing a VPN on your iPhone or iPad, NessTool effectively blocks the app certificates from being verified and revoked, thus leaving you to enjoy your apps for as long as you want to.

TutuApp VIP Alternative :

TutuApp is just one of many app installers designed to help us out, to provide some Cydia tweaks and apps. It isn’t perfect but if it doesn’t offer what you are looking for, you could try one of the others, like TweakBox, AppValley [ext link], vShare [ext link] and Emus4iOS. All of them offer a good selection of apps and tweaks and none of them require you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Let us know how you get on using Tutu Helper to install TutuApp VIP on your device and for all the latest information, follow us on Facebook .

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  1. I download this program yesterday and i do verificiation and profile things,download some games gta vice gta sa etc,but now apple wants verificiation so i can’t enter any games from tutuapp is this app problem i need to wait new update or re install app?

  2. I tried downloading and it says it can’t be installed? I tried with and without wifi. And also, I’ve downloaded tutu app before but I deleted all of the apps and the app it’s self because it wasn’t working. What should I do? I want regular tutu.

  3. I am trying to download an app on VIP and it just says building. It’s said that for hours and won’t go into download/install. How do I get past this part to the download?

  4. Today when I open my tutuapp vip it crashed, I can’t open it and also the Pokémon go. I tried your steps above and it show installation successful but I still can’t use the apps. Pls assist. I’m using iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.3

  5. TutuApp vip app stopped working and when I try and re install it, it tells me it’s not working at this time. I have done everything from network reset, to phone reset to tutuhelper. Why can’t I re install TutuApp vip????

  6. Hi, I had paid for the tutuVIP app last year. Since then I purchased a new phone and would like to cancel the annual subscription to avoid getting charged. How does one go about doing that?

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