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By far the largest music streaming service in the world is Spotify, providing you with access to just about any song or album you could possibly want to listen to. Spotify works through a subscription service; you pay a monthly fee and you get a Premium Subscription that lets you listen to the music you want without having to pay individually or without having to download it first. You can get a free subscription but it is somewhat limited in what you can listen to before you have to pay. A subscription can set you back in the region of $9.99 per month which, for some people, is just a little too rich.

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So, what if we were to tell you that you could get virtually all of the Spotify premium features for nothing? Well, you can, with an app called Spotify++. Even better, there is no need to jailbreak first. Here’s what you get:

Spotify++ Features :

  • No jailbreak needed
  • No ads
  • As many skips as you want
  • Unlimited scrubbing
  • Top-notch sound streaming

How to Install Spotify++ :

You can’t get Spotify++ from the app store; instead, you need to use Cydia Impactor to install it:

  1. Make sure your computer has the latest iTunes version on it 
  2. Connect your device to your computer and close iTunes if it opens
  3. Download Cydia Impactor [ext link] . Don’t use the administrator option if you are on Windows 10
  4. Download the Spotify++ IPA [ ext link ]
  5. Extract the .ipa
  6. Open Cydia Impactor and drag the .ipa over to the window; drop it in 
  7. You will need your Apple ID and password although you can set up a valid dummy account if you don’t want to use your usual account 
  8. Wait while Cydia Impactor signs Spotify++
  9. Now you can open Settings on your device and go to General and then Profiles 
  10. Tap the certificate for the app and tap Trust , Spotify++ will not work if you don’t do this
  11. Close down settings and the Spotify ++ app will be on your home screen, ready to use. 

If your Apple ID is a regular one, you will need to follow from step 6 onwards every 7 days because the certificate will expire. Those using a paid developers account will find it lasts for a year before the certificate expires.

Are you looking forward to getting Spotify++ on your device ? Let us know how you get on and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and more tips like this one.

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