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Snapchat has proven to be one of the most popular apps of all time, especially the social media apps so users will be pleased to hear about a new app called Snapchat++ [ Snapchat Plus ]. Snapchat++ is slightly different to the original because it has been tweaked with new features that are not on Snapchat. To get this you would usually have to consider installing a jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad but with those being in somewhat short supply right now, that isn’t an option for most users.

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Luckily, there is a way to get Snapchat++ without having to jailbreak and it involves the use of a tool called Cydia Impactor. Most of you will be familiar with this tool now as it is the most popular way of side loading unsigned apps onto iOS devices and we are going to show you how to use it to get Snapchat++.

Features of Snapchat++ :

On top of all the features available for Snapchat, the modified version has a few extras:

  • Record strength can be increased easily
  • You can spoof your location
  • Customize Launch view and notification sounds
  • Works on iOS 8 through to the latest iOS [ all versions ]
  • No need for jailbreaking
  • A good deal more besides

Please keep in mind that if you install Snapchat++ and then update the original Snapchat through the app store you might find that Snapchat++ is removed from your device. To get it back, you will need to install it again using the steps given below.

Is Snapchat++ Safe ?

Because you can’t get Snapchat++ from the iOS app store, this is a fair question. The answer is, yes, it is perfectly safe to install Snapchat++. It has undergone extensive testing and has been declared stable and clean of any malicious coding; the developers have declared it perfectly safe to use on all iOS devices. However, should the developers of the original Snapchat app decide to take any action, such as kicking you out of your account if they determine you are using a modified version, we nor the developers will accept any responsibility. The choice is yours.

How to Install Snapchat++ :

To do this, you will need to use a computer, either Windows or Mac. This tutorial is for Windows users. Before you install Snapchat++ you need to ensure that:

  • Your computer has the latest version of iTunes. You do not need to use it; it just needs to be up to date 
  • You delete the original Snapchat in case of conflict
  • Your device is connected to your computer with the correct cable

You are now ready to install Snapchat++ on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to your PC , shut iTunes down if it opens automatically
  2. Download the Snapchat++ .ipa file [ SnapChat++ IPA ]
  3. Download Cydia Impactor [ ext link ] 
  4. Locate the .ipa and extract the file contents
  5. Open Cydia Impactor [ if you are using Windows 10, open it normally not with the “administrator”option ]
  6. Drag the extracted .ipa over to the Cydia Impactor window
  7. Now you need to input your Apple ID details. If you don’t want to use your normal account set up a second dummy account and use those details
  8. Cydia Impactor will now begin the process of digitally signing Snapchat++ . Wait until the process completes
  9. Now open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management on your iPhone or iPad 
  10. Locate the app certificate and click on Trust , do not skip this step or Snapchat++ isn’t going to work
  11. Close Settings and go back to your iOS home screen , Snapchat++ should be there and ready to use

If you use a paid developer Apple ID, your app will remain valid for 1 year; if you are using a normal ID, you will have to follow the above steps every 7 days because the certificate will expire and need resigning.

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