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Pokémon Go is the latest craze to sweep the world and no doubt you have heard people talking about it everywhere. Pokémon Go is a free app for both Android and iOS and the idea behind the game is to catch as many monsters as you can. This is a game with a difference though; the app uses your GPS to combine augmented reality with your real-world location to show you these monsters in your own surroundings, be it your lounge, your back garden, even in the local supermarket. Once you capture them, you can train them and then pit them against other players in battles.

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When you download the free app, if you want to make any real headway in the game you may need to spend real money on in-app purchases. If you want all that for free, you need to download Pokémon Go through TutuApp. TutuApp is a Chinese mobile app store, allowing you access to paid apps for free, and a whole host of modified apps, including Pokémon Go, that give you all the benefits of the in-app purchases without spending any money.

Pokemon Go TutuApp :

We are going to show you how to download this version of Pokémon Go on both Android and iOS devices but first, here are some of the benefits :

  • The modified Pokémon Go app provides you with a new set of menu options in addition to the standard ones and these settings let you modify the game settings and navigate through the app on your screen without having to move an inch in your real world.
  • You can customize the speed you walk at and flip between walking, driving and cycling, allowing you to get to locations that are some distance away. If the game kicks up a warning that you shouldn’t be playing the game while driving, simply choose the Passenger option. 
  • You also get a feature where you can set a specific destination and be lead straight to it by your trainer. If you see any Pokémon on the way, you will be notified; you can also manually hunt the Pokémon down. The tools provided in this version of the game are so good that they will even tell you which of the available Pokémon you should go for first.

Downloads Pokémon Go on TutuApp :

To download the modified version of Pokémon Go, you need to Download TutuApp for either Android or iOS and you can find full instruction at the given links.

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  1. Hello,I read your new stuff named “Pokemon Go Hack on a regular basis.Your tutorial is awesome, keep up the good work!

      • Why is my tutuapp Pokémon still not working?
        What is happening? It’s a rock event and my tutu is sadly down……

    • uninstall the previous game first. Then restart device and try installing again. Any problem , comment here . We will assist.

  2. Ive gotten the VIP and have tried downloading multiple verions of pokemon go games you guys have to offer… notb a second after ive attempted to enter the ookemon apps…

  3. J’ai regarder les capture mais je n’arrive pas a comprendre comment télécharger tutuapp sur ma tablette arnova. On m’a expliquer qu’il fallait taper dans google “tutuapp VIP” puis aller dans l’onglet regular mais quand je clique sur le site il me propose uniquement de télécharger tutuapp ce que j’ai fait mais ça ne fonctionne pas
    Pouvez vous m’aider ?

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