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TutuApp is a Chinese mobile app store that gives us access to paid content . You can find out how to download it here for both Android and iOS as well as on your Windows PC and Mac OS computer. While it is a popular app, there are some reports of it not working properly or the applications downloaded through TutuApp causing problems.

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How to Fix TutuApp Problems :

Some of the reported issues include the following :

  • Application installation problems
  • Download failure and the app not working after installation
  • Inability to get the application to install through TutuApp
  • Phone slows down

Now you know what issues you might face, let’s look at how to solve them. We even have instructions on how to fix problems with Pokemon Go.

Unable to Download | Unable to Install :

This is proving to be a common problem and, with the developers help, we have a couple of solutions to help you solve it:

  • Clear your cache
  • Clear the app data

If this doesn’t work :

Everything should now work properly.

Download Issues :

It matters not whether you are using the app on Android or iOS, some of you will have come across download and installation problems including application support issues. The developers of TutuApp do keep a constant eye on the app and have come up with ways to solve the issues. One of the most common ones is with Pokémon Go. Many users have reported issues with setting up Pokémon Go using the APK. Even after several attempts, the app simply will not install and, in some cases, it won’t even download from the store. To help you out, the developers have come up with a solution in the form of TutuApp Helper. You can find instructions on how to use TutuApp Helper at the given link .

The main reason for these problems is down to the high volumes of traffic trying to go through the TutuApp server while another reason is a malfunction of the software or a device that isn’t supported by the app. In the first instance, try these steps :

  • Open Settings on your device and got to Network Settings. Tap on Reset Network Settings 
  • A confirmation box loads on the screen to confirm your actions and your device will reboot 
  • All your settings will be reset back to factory so you will need to set up your WiFi and reconnect to it using the right password

If the issue persists after doing this, follow the instructions for using TutuApp Helper .

Pokemon Go won’t Install [ iOS ]

If you are using an iOS device, it is easy to make an error in choosing the wrong version of Pokémon Go for your specific device. When you launch TutuApp to the homepage, you will see buttons for downloading the game on a jailbroken device and on a non jailbroken device , make sure you choose the right one for your device.

If you have an older version of Pokémon Go on your device, you may experience issues with downloading Pokémon Go and this is mostly down to incompatibility issues and | or issues with the TutuApp server. Here’s how to fix it :

  • Remove the older version of Pokémon Go from your device 
  • Now open Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings  
  • Enter your passcode and your device will reboot, resetting all your settings back to factory
  • You will need to reconnect your Wi-Fi again
  • Now install TutuApp again
  • Then go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management 
  • Find the certificate for TutuApp and click on Trust beside it
  • Open TutuApp and download Pokémon Go
  • Once installed, go back into Settings and repeat the process to trust the Pokémon Go profile

Pokémon Go should now work properly on your iOS device

Pokemon Go won’t Install [ Android ]

If you are trying to install Pokémon Go on your Android device, you may find that the right download option is not accessible through the web browser on your device. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. On your computer, open TutuApp
  2. Look for the tab that says Android APK , you probably won’t be able to see this tab if you are using your mobile browser
  3. Download the APK file from the website
  4. Using your USB charge | data cable, transfer the file to your mobile device
  5. Install the APK onto your mobile

Now you can access the app through the icon on your home screen

Can’t Find TutuApp APK :

Because there are so many different types of Android device and so many versions of the mobile operating system, it isn’t surprising that, on occasion, there will be conflict. Add to that all the different browsers available for use and you might struggle to locate TutuApp APK on the official website. Much of this is down to the mobile device adjusting the website to suit your mobile screen and the APK, although there, may not be visible in your mobile browser. The way to get around this problem is to download the TutuApp APK using this method:

  1. Open your browser on your PC or laptop
  2. Go to the TutuApp APK website
  3. Click on the Android tab and you will see a Download button
  4. Click the button and the download will start
  5. Wait for it to finish and then find the APK on your computer
  6. Using your USB cable or any other method that you can use, transfer the APK to your mobile
  7. On your mobile, tap on the file and install it

Do make sure that the option for allowing installations from unknown sources is enabled on your device otherwise the installation will not work 

Remember that there is a difference between the versions for devices that are jailbroken and those that are not. TutuApp provides a download link for each so make sure that you only download the version that is applicable to you otherwise you will experience problems with the installation.

These solutions should solve most, if not all the problems with TutuApp that you might experience on your device. If you are still experiencing errors, then it could be that your device is simply not compatible or the APK file has been corrupted. The best way around this is to delete the app and then try reinstalling it afresh and do make sure that you are running on a reliable and strong internet connection.

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  1. Im using tutuapp on Android, was wondering if you could help me . The app works fine but I can’t see any images, I’m in wifi and I turned off the setting for phone data, still no images. Help??

  2. Im vip member. My apps are all done, became un functional suddenly. Reinstalled tutuapp vip. Says build will take 3 hours. Waited 3 hours, then again 3hrs

  3. Hi, I am a VIP Member for Tutuapp and I updated my IOS today and I could not open Tutuapp or other apps downloaded from Tutuapp. Do I need to Buy the app again for the same device ?

  4. I’ve waited 9 hours for VIP to install (yes 9 hours) and now 8 hours (when it said 1 hour) to get Pokemon Go which still is building. Should the paid version do this?!

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