Do you want to know how to get one of the best games ever released for free ? Despite all the high-graphic thrilling games available on the app store today, one of the simplest games remains one of the most popular. Minecraft PE is a game of blocky graphics, requiring the player to survive while having a lot of fun doing it. Once a desktop game for the Windows Platform, the sheer popularity of the game enticed the developers to produce mobile versions but you can’t get Minecraft PE for free from the app store. There is a way though, and I;m going to let you into my secret method.minecraft icons

Stay with me.

Minecraft PE Features :

Minecraft PE has some great features:

  • Very simple game to play
  • Build a home and protect it from threat
  • Raise your own food
  • Hunt for resources and food
  • Explore caves, lakes, mines, forests and open land for resources
  • Make your own weapons
  • Fight off the monsters
  • Loads of other features

Yes, you can have all this without paying any money.

There’s a catch though.

How to Download Minecraft PE :

Downloading Minecraft PE for free means using an unofficial app installer called TutuApp. One of the best Cydia alternatives, TutuApp offers loads of apps and games and downloading them is simple Just download TutuApp and search the store for Minecraft PE; install it from the app and start playing:

  1. Download TutuApp

It’s that simple!

Fix For Untrusted Developer :

When you first use Minecraft PE after downloading it in this way, you will likely receive an Untrusted Developer error. To fix this:

  1. Open your iOS Settings and go to General>Profiles
  2. Locate and tap the Minecraft PE profile in the list
  3. Tap Trust, close Settings and try again
  4. You should find Minecraft PE works just fine

The bottom line?

By using TutuApp you can have Minecraft PE for free. Go, download it and follow us on Facebook for more great tips. And don’t forget to tell your friends too!

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