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iRec is a popular screen recorder app from way back when jailbreaking first started. Despite being one of the most downloaded apps from Cydia, the developers neglected it, failing to update it and allowing it to fall by the wayside. Now iRec is back, fully updated with support for up to and including iOS 11+ and with lots more features, including in-app settings to make iRec work the way you want, auto compression for saving space and lots more. Read on to find out how to download iRec without needing to jailbreak.

Image : iRec Screen Recorder Download Tutorial

How to Download iRec :

Downloading iRec is very easy although it isn’t an app you will find in the app store. It is available in TutuApp VIP though, a third-party app installer that is simple to use; read on for the steps:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, download TutuApp VIP 
  2. Open it, search for iRec [ext link] and wait for the results
  3. Tap the one that marries up with your iOS version 
  4. Some download instructions will come up on the screen, follow them and wait for iRec to be installed 
  5. iRec can now be used for all your screen recording requirements

iRec Alternatives :

iRec has loads of useful features but it won’t suit all users. If you are looking for a bit more out of your screen recorder, have a look at these alternatives:

  • AirShou

Another popular Cydia only app at one time, AirShou is well known to jailbreakers as being the screen recorder we all turned to when iRec stooped being updated. Once again, it disappeared from Cydia but is now back, with more features, and support for more devices on all iOS versions. As well as being able to record with the simple tap of a button, AirShou allows you to create Full HD videos with top-quality stereo sound as well. Find out what else AirShou [ext link] can do and how to download it by clicking the link

  • CoolPixel

Another alternative to iRec is the popular CoolPixel. Not just a screen recorder, CoolPixel offers up a range of features that allow you to edit your videos before you share them with anyone so, after you save your screen recording as an HD video, you can set about turning it into something special. A swipe of the finger gives you option of adding subtitles, dubbing and more. Several rich-filters provide different movie-like effects for your video and all this works on Android and iOS. The built-in search bar lets you find more HD videos from BGM online or you can simply import your own. Find out what else CoolPixel [ext link] has to offer and get a download guide by clicking the link.

Screen recorders are useful apps and will always be popular. Many appear, some disappear for good while others, like iRec, are brought back to life. Have a go with iRec, let us know your thoughts on it and follow us on Facebook for more developer updates

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