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Although the iPhone is without a doubt the best selling iOS device, the iPad is fast catching up. With its bigger screen and amazing resolution, the iPad is the preferred device for playing games and, for those that can access Cydia, there are plenty of iPad only tweaks and modifications to be had. Unfortunately, not everyone can get into Cydia these days because of a lack of jailbreaks but a new app installer has just been released that gives us back something of what we are missing. Called TutuApp, it allows free and easy access to a whole host of the latest apps and games, all of which are kept up to date. You can download TutuApp VIP on your iPad today; the steps can be found below.

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Download Tutuapp on iPad :

There are two methods to download TutuApp VIP on your iPad. Both these methods are explained below with step by step guide.

  1. On your iPad, open the Safari browser. Go to go to http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link ) 
  2. When the page loads, tap the UP arrow in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Select Add to Home Screen from the options at the bottom of the page
  4. In the box for naming your icon, type in TutuApp. Tap on the Add button and exit Safari
  5. The Tutuapp is now on your home screen . Now proceed to next steps.

Video:  This will show you these steps

After TutuApp is installed on your homescreen.

  1. On your iPad open the TutuApp and go to the iOS version of your device.
  2. Now open the download link there.
  3. Tap on directly Install to your device
  4. In your Settings app, which will open automatically, tap on Install
  5. Input your passcode if you are requested to do so
  6. When Safari opens, tap the link on the page for Install Tutu
  7. Tap on Install to confirm what you are doing
  8. Settings opens again, tap on Install
  9. Tap on Next and then on Install
  10. On the last page, tap on Install > Done

Tutuapp can now be used on your iPad.

Fixing TutuApp Errors :

While you shouldn’t have any trouble with Tutuapp , there are two errors that you might be unlucky enough to come against:

  • Profile Installation Failed error , click on the linked article to find the steps to fix this
  • An app you installed won’t run , open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management on your device. Tap on Trust beside the right app certificate

Let us know if you use Tutuapp and what you think of it. For more iPad news and updates, follow us on Facebook.

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12 thoughts on “TutuApp VIP iPad

  1. Tutu lets you enjoy apps that you probably thought you never would. In last three days I have played games like Monument Valley, Bastion etc.. on my iPad Air 2, without flaw, using the free version of Tutu. I must have tried out at least 20 games or so and the only one that didn’t work was OceanHorn (which for some reason kept crashing and I am sure they will fix soon). There are also lot of game mods available.

    But alas every good thing comes to an end. I was having so much fun when suddenly Apple revokes the trust certificate for all the apps that I had dowloaded using Tutu.

    The only workaround to make the apps work again (from what I could find on the internet) was to download them once again from TutuApp (with a new, different certificate and grant it access to your iPad). But to do this you of course have to delete your old apps, which means that any progress made in any of the games will be gone for good. Thus with every app you have to start again from ‘square one’ whenever the trust certificates get revoked (which I hear are getting revoked faster and faster with every update from Apple)

    Hence, for any apps/games that rely on data being saved, Tutu is probably not the way to go. But it is still the best option in the market to try out paid apps for free without jailbreaking your device, which in itself is a lot (Keep up the good work guys!)

    I just wish if they could solve the game data save issue (maybe they can come up with Mods where we can link our save to a Tutu account itself for free).

    But still, Thanks for this awesome app. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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