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There are quite a percentage of users who have opted to stay on iOS 9, preferring it above all other versions of the firmware. While there is a jailbreak for iOS 9 in the form of PPHelper, it is only available to those with a 64 bit device. Anyone who is on an older device or an older iOS 9 version can now not access Cydia and download all the content they have become used to. Until today, that was the case but we can now tell you about TutuApp VIP. This is a feature rich app installer like Emus4U app , that is also packed with free games and free apps, all of which are kept updated.

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TutuApp VIP is incredibly easy to use and features some of the fastest downloads around. You can download it today on iOS 9 and here’s how to do it.

How to Download TutuApp VIP iOS 9 :

Two methods to do just that. Both the steps explained in details.

Method 1: Safari Browser  

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device 
  2. Go to http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link )  
  3. Go to the UP arrow and tap on it.   
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the options on the bottom of your screen
  5. Now you will be asked to rename your app icon so call it TutuApp and tap on Add  
  6. When you close Safari, the TutuApp icon will be on your home screen . Now proceed to the next steps.

Video: This shows you these steps

After TutuApp is installed on your iOS device.

  1. Open the TutuApp from your homescreen. Go to the iOS version of your phone.
  2. On the information page that loads up, tap on directly Install to your iOS device, this will load the configuration profile onto your iPhone or iPad 
  3. The Install Profile page will open in your Settings app; tap on Install
  4. Type your passcode in if needed and Safari will open 
  5. Tap on Install Tutu
  6. Tap Install to confirm 
  7. Your Settings app will open; tap on Install
  8. Tap Next > Install in the next page
  9. Finally tap on Install > Done  

When the installation is complete, TutuApp VIP version will be ready for use.

Method 2: Android Only

For so long, Android users have believed that their mobile platform was better than iOS, simply because it wasn’t tied up in the chains that the iOS was wrapped up in. However, Android users have never been able to download any paid content for free, they have never been able to take advantage of the modified apps that include all the in-app features for free and they have never been able to enjoy the tweaks that jailbreakers did. Until now. TutuApp VIP has been given support for Android, providing them with some of the best features so, to find out how you can download TutuApp VIP on your Android device, follow the link below:

Popular Apps on TutuApp VIP :

Choosing where to start in TutuApp VIP could be difficult, given the amount of content available in the installer. We’ve found two of the most popular, the most downloaded apps form the installer so give them a go.

  • Pokémon Go++

If you haven’t yet joined the global phenomenon, you might be wondering what Pokémon go is all about. It’s quite simple; you find, capture and train monsters and fight them against other players for glory and, using augmented reality and GPS, you can do this anywhere in the world, whether you are doing your shopping, going for a stroll or sitting watching TV. But, if you want to be the number one player you must pay to purchase the in-app features and, for this reason, Pokémon Go++ was developed. All the features you have to pay for and many more besides are free so download Pokémon go++ today and be the best.

  • AirShou

Screen Recorders are nothing more than a basic feature, one that should be available as standard on all devices, but Apple doesn’t think that we need one. Because of that, an app called AirShou was released for download through Cydia and it proved to be one of the most popular ever. It has now been redeveloped with added features and no longer requires a jailbreak to work so find out how you can download AirShou [ext link] through TutuApp VIP by clicking the linked article.

TutuApp Not Working Fix :

Make sure that, when you use TutuApp to install your favorite modified apps that you also install NessTool [ext link]. This tool will stop you from having to reactivate your apps every 7 days by blocking Apple form verifying and revoking the app certificates, making it a necessary tool.

Fix TutuApp Errors :

Although most users have had no trouble with Tutu, there are two common errors being reported. They are both easy to fix:

  • Installed app or game won’t run – tap on Settings > General > Profile & Device Management; locate the app certificate and tap on Trust
  • Profile Installation Failed , if you see this error, you can find the solution in the linked article

Popular TutuApp VIP Alternatives :

If you are struggling to find your chosen apps or games in TutuApp VIP, then try the next best alternative app installer:

  • AppValley

Packed with content, AppValley has something for pretty much everyone, making it an excellent alternative both to Cydia and to TutuApp VIP. AppValley has a good choice of modified apps and games, like Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++ and Spotify++, not to mention the tweaks and the premium app store content for free. Download AppValley [ext link] today by following the guide at the given link.

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