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Some iOS users, especially those with older devices, are still on iOS 8. Some of this is because the features available suit them better and some is down to the older devices not having the hardware to enable them to update. No matter what the reason, there isn’t much choice for jailbreaking on iOS 8 and with no hope of another one ever being released, Cydia is now a closed book for some. We have been looking for another way for iOS 8 users to get at least some of the content they want from alternative sources and today we have an app installer called TutuApp .

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It is free to install and all the content in Tutuapp [ about ] is free, as well as being kept completely up to date and, with the sheer choice of apps and games to choose from, this is one of the most comprehensive of all the Cydia alternatives in use today. You can download it now; just follow the steps below.

Download Tutuapp on iOS 8 :

Geven below are two methods to download and install TutuApp VIP on iPhone and iPad.

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Launch Safari from your home screen 
  2. In the address bar type tutuappvip.org and tap on Go 
  3. Find the UP arrow on the web page [ top or bottom ] , and tap on it   
  4. Wait until some options appear on your screen and tap on the one that says Add to Home Screen  
  5. Now you can name the icon; call it TutuApp. Tap Add and close Safari   
  6. The Tutuapp is now on your home screen    

Video: Watch these steps being done

Method 2: Advanced Method

  1. Launch Safari. Tap to open this [ link ]
  2. A web page with information about Tutuapp will open; tap the directly Install to your device link 
  3. When your Settings app opens, tap on Install 
  4. Input your passcode if required 
  5. Now a page in Safari will open with a link to Install Tutu; tap on this link
  6. Tap Install on the confirmation window
  7. Back to Settings, which will open automatically; tap on Install 
  8. Tap on Next and then Install
  9. Lastly, tap Install and then Done

You should now be able to use TutuApp VIP on your iOS device.

Note :

TutuApp and NessTool are two tools that go together; NessTool [ext link] protects the third-party apps and tweaks downloaded via TutuApp from having their certificates revoked which is what causes them to crash. Download it today and solve all your certificate revocation problems forever.

TutuApp Errors :

There are two common problems that you may come up against:

  • Downloaded app will not run – open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Find the app certificate and tap Trust
  • Profile Installation Failed ,  a guide on fixing this can be found at the given link

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