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These days we have many different Cydia alternatives to choose from, great news when many users are not able to use the jailbreak store anymore. Emus4U is a much-used alternative but one of the better ones is called TutuApp VIP; we’re going to show you how to install TutuApp VIP on iOS 12.

Image : TutuApp iOS 12

Download TutuApp VIP on iOS 12 :

We are going to show you ways to do this:

  1. From Safari browser, open http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link
  2. At the top or bottom of the screen there is a large UP arrow; tap this and another screen opens
  3. Tap the option to Add to Home Screen
  4. Name your icon TutuApp . Tap on the Add button and close down Safari
  5. The TutuApp icon is on your homepage now – watch the short video below demonstrating the steps and then continue with the rest of the tutorial.

Video : Watch Video Below

After TutuApp VIP is Installed :

  1. Open TutuApp from your homescreen
  2. When the page opens, choose the link to your iOS version and click on the link with Install
  3. Wait for Settings app to open and then tap Install Profile
  4. Type in your passcode and Safari browser will automatically open
  5. Now tap on Install TutuApp VIP and then on Install when the popup window opens
  6. When your Settings app has opened, tap Install>Next
  7. Tap on Install>Done and wait for the installation is done

If the TutuApp VIP icon does not appear on your home screen, you must repeat these steps again.

Top TutuApp VIP App :

HappyChick :

HappyChick is one of the most downloaded apps from TutuApp VIP. It is an emulator app that offers a great choice of games emulators, along with plenty of other modified apps and games, all free and all with iOS 12 support.

TutuApp VIP offers everything we could possibly want without installing Cydia. It is free, it has iOS 12 support so get it on your device today, share your experience with it in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook for updates.

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