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The last few years have been very lucrative for jailbreaking, with utilities coming at us from every direction. Sadly, that all came to an abrupt halt with iOS 10 and we found ourselves limited with just Yalu Jailbreak to use and this was limited in who could use it. So now, with so many people unable to use Cydia [ext link] and iOS 11 download now here and not yet jailbroken, we have started to look for alternative solutions while we wait.

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TutuApp VIP is the best app installer of its type, providing us with access to all sorts of paid and premium content, including Pokémon Go, apps and tweaks, all for free and all yours without having to jailbreak first. TutuApp is fully compatible with iOS 11 so we are going to show you how to install it.

How to Download TutuApp VIP for iOS 11 :

Choose from one of these methods :

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device and go to tutuappvip.org 
  2. Tap the large UP arrow at the top or bottom of the screen 
  3. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options on the bottom of your screen 
  4. Type TutuApp into the box to name your icon and tap on Add  
  5. Close Safari and you will see the TutuApp icon on your home screen 

Video: This is a walkthrough of the above steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

  1. Launch Safari and bring up this [ link ]
  2. Choose to Install directly to iOS device on the page that loads
  3. When your Settings app has loaded, tap on Install Profile
  4. Input your passcode and wait for the Safari browser to open again
  5. Tap Install TutuApp and then confirm by tapping Install on the confirmation window
  6. Settings will open again, tap Install > Next > Install  
  7. Finally, tap Done and wait while TutuApp is installed on your iOS device 

Method 3 : Tutu Helper [ Advanced Method ]

Tutu Helper is the latest app to be released to help you install TutuApp VIP on your iPhone or iPad. It uses your computer to transfer TutuApp VIP and makes the whole process very simple. It has been updated to support all iOS devices on iOS 11 and you can find out more information, including how to download Tutu Helper at the given link.

Method 4: Android Only

iOS users have long been able to enjoy features that Android users could never get their hands on, simply by doing something Android users can’t do , jailbreak their devices. With the Android platform being so open, it would be easy to think that they had far more freedom, but they have never been able to use the tweaks and modifications that jailbreakers use, providing their devices with lots of extra functionality and they have never been able to take their pick from all the paid content for free. Until TutuApp VIP was given Android support of course. Now Android users can have some of this on their devices so check out the link below for more details and for a tutorial:

TutuApp Not Working Fix :

NessTool is a necessary tool for all TutuApp users. Instead of having to reactivate your apps every 7 days or so, NessTool [ext link] will protect your device from all certificate verification and revocation by Apple, leaving you to get on with your apps uninterrupted.

Popular Apps from TutuApp VIP :

With TutuApp VIP being so comprehensive, it might be hard to know where to start. The two apps below are the most popular and the most downloaded so give them a go:

  • Pokémon Go++

Pokémon Go is an incredibly popular game, one that uses your GPS and augmented reality to let you hunt musters and capture them. It matters not where you are in the world, whether you are in your own home, walking the moors or strolling through town, those monsters are there for you to find and catch. But you know that, if you are going to make the most of the game, you need to spend money to get in-app purchases that provide boosts and so Pokémon Go++ was developed. This is a modified version of the game with all the extra features you could possibly want for free so find out how to download Pokémon Go++ today by following the linked article.

  • AirShou

Screen Recorders are useful features and one that we should all have as standard, but Apple believes we don’t really need one.  Sadly, that isn’t the case and to fill the gap, AirShou was released into Cydia for jailbreakers to use. Now though, they have removed it from Cydia, given it some extra features and made it available to everyone, without having to jailbreak first. Download AirShou [ext link] through TutuApp VIP today by following the linked post.

How to Fix TutuApp Errors :

Most people have had a trouble-free experience with TutuApp VIP Installer but there are a couple of common errors that have shown up from time to time:

  • Profile Installation Failed – The linked article provides all the information you need to fix this error
  • If an app that you installed won’t open or run, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Find the app certificate and tap Trust. Try the app again, it should be fine now. 

Popular TutuApp VIP Alternatives :

There are plenty of other alternatives to TutuApp VIP if you are looking for something different, so give the next best alternative a go:

  • AppValley

AppValley is definitely a contender as one of the best alternatives to TutuApp VIP, with plenty of apps, tweaks and other content to download from. AppValley is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, it doesn’t require a jailbreak to work and you can choose from a range of tweaks, lots of paid content for free and a series of modified apps, like Snapchat++ and Spotify++. Click on the linked post to find out how to download AppValley [ext link] on your device.

Tell us how you get on with TutuApp VIP Installer on iOS 11 and, for more updates on the iOS 11 jailbreak, follow us on Facebook .

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  1. iOS 11 dev beta 2 -- iPad Pro 12.9 1st gen -- will not install tutuapp. Successful on iOS 11 beta 1 and on iOS 10 all versions.

      1. I downloaded the app from this url tutuappvip.org with a VPN as my isp blocks me from google to your site (404error),I’m on iOS 10.2 iPhone 6 Plus but for some reason most sport channels were not working as I wanted to watch the fight but watched it through Periscope,total waste of time.

      2. Its working now. VPN caused some problem after government crackdown. Its working now. Which country are you trying to access from ?

  2. when I click the link on second method it’s always open a new tab and says “Install success!!!” and that’s all, no tutu helper tool installation and so on. Please help me with this, I use iOS 11 Public Beta 3

      1. do not let me install it I skipped a message on the installation web completed but did not install profile or app

  3. After you praised it now it’s down and you can’t load the updated version. Been trying for at least 16 hours now. They don’t post nothing either guess they can’t even help the paying members.

    1. Hey there what steps did you take to make the TutuApp work on your end? I followed the steps and seems not to work for me.

  4. I purchased TutuApp VIP for both my iphone and ipad. I have not been able to download it on iOS 11. I follow all the prompts and it starts to spin. It never completes and eventually stops. I have restarted it many, many times.

    1. Delete existing installation. Restart your device and and follow the tutorial given here. If you are a VIP user, your device will be instantly detected and TutuApp VIP installed.

  5. I keep having a popup that says unable to verify app, typically a day after I’ve been using the app. I go to verify it, and nothing happens. This is not a good thing. I have iOS 11.0.2. I go to verify, it says verify at the top of the profiles screen for a second and disappears, and nothing has changed. So all apps, TuTu, Nesstool, all have this same error…all after working for about a day after a fresh install. I am getting tired of re-installing…any advice?

  6. I have an i phone 7 and it has ios 11 installed i have downloaded tutuapp but when i download six guns,gta sa it downloads and installs after that it says that the app could not download or it says that the app is outdated to run on this ios version

  7. My husband and I both have vip account but haven’t been able to download or open anything for three weeks now. Will someone finally get back to me?

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