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Since iOS 10 was released, we have seen a distinct slowdown in the number of usable jailbreaks released. Because of this, we have had to turn elsewhere to get the apps and games we have become used to installing. The latest app installer to be released, one that doesn’t require a jailbreak to work, is called TutuApp VIP and Emus4U app , and it is home to a vast amount of content. Updated daily, Tutuapp VIP plays host to all the latest apps and games, including paid content, all for free. It is one of the easiest to use and features fast downloads alongside a user-friendly interface. Tutuapp VIP works on all devices, whether they have a jailbreak or not and you can download it on iOS 10 now.

Image : Download TutuApp VIP iOS 10

Download TutuApp VIP on iOS 10 :

Below are the instructions to download TutuApp VIP on your iPhone and iPad. There are two methods to install TutuApp VIP version.

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Launch the Safari browser   
  2. Open http://tutuapp.store or use this ( alternate link )  
  3. Tap the UP arrow [ bottom or top of the page, depending on the device you use ]    
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the Save options that appear   
  5. You will need to name the icon so call it TutuApp and tap on the Add button  
  6. Close Safari and you will see Tutuapp VIP on your home screen  . Now proceed to next steps.

Video: Watch to see these steps being performed

Afer TutuApp is installed on your iOS device .

  1. Open TutuApp from your homescreen and go to the iOS version of your device.
  2. A page will open with lots of Tutuapp information; click on directly Install to your iOS device 
  3. Your Settings app will open; tap on Install and input your passcode if needed 
  4. When Safari opens, tap on Install Tutu
  5. Tap Install on the confirmation window
  6. Your Settings app will open again, tap on Install 
  7. A new page will open, tap Next > Install
  8. Lastly, tap on Install > Done

Tutuapp VIP is now ready for you to begin using.

 Method 2 : Android Only

Android users have long enjoyed a more free and relaxed environment than iOS users but the one thing they cannot do is jailbreak and that means there are a lot of things they can’t do. For a start they can’t download tweaks that will give their devices more functionality; they can make use of the modified apps and games that given them all the in-app features for free and they can’t download any paid content for free either. However, now that TutuApp VIP has been provided with Android support, they can do some of what iOS user have been able to do for years. The post below will take you to more information and full download guide:

TutuApp Not Working Fix :

TutuApp is the best app installer we have but Apple will evoke the app certificates every week, in a bid to make things difficult. Make it a part of the download process that you install NessTool [ext link] to block these revocation attempts and leave you to enjoy your apps.

Popular Apps on TutuApp VIP :

TutuApp VIP is a very popular app installer and there is lots to choose from. Get your feet wet with one of the more popular of the apps in the installer and go from there:

  • Pokémon Go++

Pokémon Go is a global game, played by millions of people the world over. Million of people who hunt and capture monsters in their own gardens, their own local stores or the local park using GPS and augmented reality. But to really get anywhere with the game, you need to pay for certain features in the game and not everyone wants to part with their hard earned cash in this way. Pokémon Go++ is a modified app that gives us all those features for free, along with many more other useful features. Find out how to raise your game and download Pokémon Go++ today by going to the linked article.

  • AirShou

One of the most popular Screen Recorders ever available for download from Cydia was AirShou, released to provide a basic function that Apple didn’t see the need to give us. The app was pulled from Cydia for a while, but the developers have now given it full support to work without the need to jailbreak. Find out how you can download AirShou [ext link] through TutuApp VIP on your device by following the linked post.

TutuApp Error Fixes :

Most users find that they have no trouble at all but there are reports coming in of a couple of errors. These are very easy to fix:

  • Profile Installation Failed error , click the linked article for more details on how to fix this error
  • Installed app fails to run , go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Look for the certificate for Tutuapp and tap on the Trust button beside it

Popular TutuApp VIP Alternatives :

If TutuApp VIP doesn’t offer what you are looking for, try the following alternative installer:

  • AppValley

AppValley is an excellent choice for those who can’t find what they want in TutuApp VIP. It is one of the latest app installers to be released to try to replace Cydia and it is full of useful content, plenty of Cydia only tweaks, paid content for free and modified apps like Instagram++ and Spotify++. Download AppValley [ext link] on your device by following the guide at the given link.

Will you use Tutuapp or are you going to hold on and see if a new jailbreak is released first ? For all the latest news, follow us on Facebook.

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    • Yes , its available , but is in beta right now. So stability issue on some devices. But not always . If you dont like it , you can delete it , Simple !!!

  1. Which is the build section on Tutuapp? Sometimes when I try to download a game it goes to that section and keep it there. I cannot download them !

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