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Apple is intent on keeping iOS 10 as up to date and free from trouble as they can and have just released iOS 10.3. the new release contains several new features but, to date, we are still waiting for a jailbreak that everyone can make use of. That leaves a large number of users without a jailbreak and without access to Cydia. It looking likely that the issues with releasing new jailbreaks are going to continue and so we have been searching out a good Cydia alternative. TutuApp VIP Installer is one of the best , you don’t need to jailbreak and you get access to many Cydia tweaks and apps as well as paid content for free.

Image : TutuApp iOS 10.3 Download Tutorial

Download TutuApp VIP on iOS 10.3 :

Here’s how to install TutuApp VIP Installer [ about ] on your iOS 10.3 device. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: Using Safari

  1. Launch Safari from your Home screen 
  2. Now go to tutuappvip.org and wait until the mobile version of our web page opens 
  3. Now tap on the UP arrow 
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen when you see the new options on your screen 
  5. Call your icon a name you will remember, such as TutuApp. Tap Add ad come out of Safari . 
  6. Look on your home page and you will see the new TutuApp icon

Video: This is how to download TutuApp on your device

Method 2 : Advanced Download

  1. Open Safari and then open this[ link ]
  2. Tap directly Install to iOS device on the page that loads up 
  3. Wait and your Settings app will open automatically; tap Install and input your passcode 
  4. Safari will open automatically; tap on Install
  5. Tap Install on the confirmation message
  6. Settings opens again; tap on Install > Next > Install 
  7. On the last page, tap Install and then Done.
  8. TutuApp VIP is ready for you to use. 

How to Fix TutuApp Errors :

While most users have had a trouble-free experience with TutuApp, there are two errors that you may see and you can find the fixes below:

  • Profile Installation Failed , this error is easy to fix and the steps are at the given link
  • If you can’t get an installed app to run, go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Form the certificates, find the relevant one and tap the Trust button. It will now run as it should

TutuApp VIP could be the best Cydia alternative we have so are you going to use it? Get instant update and the latest information by following us on Facebook .




    1. Both free and paid versions available. choose any one you like. Paid has more features, but Free is always free .

      1. Hi.
        I send you this question because when I finish the installation process in your web, I have only the pay option. The free option does not appear.

      2. The free version is only available using the Safari Method 1 . Other method is for VIP version.

  1. What pass code do I need I did’t get one .

    Please help me I am on iPhone and all I wanted was BTD 5 for free

    Please please help me

  2. Do you have a hack for the app (Flirty Mania) for free coins or free cards. And also the app (Tap Sports Baseball 2017) for free gold….. I would be interested in buying the VIP version if you do….

    By the way I’m using the free version of TuTu now and it works great. Keep up the fabulous work guys/girls….

  3. Yes mee to , in the link it says server busy .. but it worked for my sister once, out of a sudden. I am not so lucky

  4. Because it does not appear in the catalog of applications of tutuapp vip : ” Kodi ” ??
    I subscribed mainly to have this program on my mini ipad
    Thank you.

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