TutuApp iOS 10.2.1

iOS 10 is a few months old now and it seems to be the return of the old ways of jailbreaking, when we had to wait or months for a new utility. iOS 10 has been surprisingly lacking, not just in jailbreaks but in information from the teams themselves. Apple has recently released iOS 10.2.1, a small update containing bug fixes and a few enhancements and, although there is a jailbreak, called Yalu, that supports it, not everyone is able to use it. That means having to look for an alternative way of installing Cydia tweaks and apps on our devices and that solution comes to us as TutuApp VIP.

Image : TutuApp iOS 10.2.1 Download

This app installer does not require you to install a jailbreak and gives us access to tons of tweaks, apps and games for free. Easy to use, here’s how to download TutuApp VIP Installer on your iOS 10.2.1 device.

How to Download TutuApp on iOS 10.2.1 :

Here are the instructions you need for both methods of installing TutuApp VIP Installer [ about ].

Method 1: Safari

  1. Open Safari on your iPad or iPhone and go to tutuappvip.org 
  2. Wait until the web page has fully loaded and then tap on the UP arrow [ top right on the iPad and bottom center on the iPhone ] 
  3. Some Save options will load across the screen; tap on Add to Home Screen 
  4. Input TutuApp VIP when asked to name the icon. Tap Add and close Safari 
  5. TutuApp VIP icon should be on one of the home pages 

Video: Watch to see how TutuApp is installed

Method 2 : Configuration Profile Download

  1. Launch Safari and go to this [ link ]
  2. On the new page that opens, tap the link for directly Install on iOS device to install the configuration profile 
  3. Settings will open on the Install Profile page; tap Install
  4. If asked to, put your passcode in
  5. Safari will open, tap Install TutuApp
  6. Confirm by tapping Install
  7. Settings will open, tap InstallNow tap on Next and then Install
  8. Finally, tap Install > Done.
  9. You can now start using TutuApp VIP Installer 

Fixing Errors on TutuApp VIP :

Errors are rare on TutuApp but we have had reports of two very common ones. Luckily, both are simple to fix and shouldn’t cause you any trouble:

  • If a downloaded app won’t run, open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Find the certificate for the app that doesn’t run and tap Trust. It will work now
  • Profile Installation Failed , if you see this error, click the given link to find out how to fix it

Are you prepared to give TutuApp a go or will you wait until Cydia is updated? Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and news.




  1. thanks for this helpful post for me and all tutuapp user’s. this is a best platform for all who want tutuapp helper apk file.
    thanks i am waiting your next helpful and fresh article. now i am share your post with my family and friend circle.
    thanks regard.

  2. I’m getting a cannot install message while trying to install it on my iPhone 7 Plus which is updated.
    I have already followed the instructions and been using it for the last 10-15 days (VIP version), but now I just can’t install it.
    I would be glad to get some help from you.
    Thanks/Greets from Brasil

    1. Its a temporary issue. We are upgrading our servers to serve the huge demand and popularity of TutuApp VIP. Please be with us , we are working on this.

  3. The app and all the apps I downloaded within TuTu stopped working. I deleted and have attempted to download several times with no success. I also sent an email and haven’t gotten a response. Please advise

    1. Apologies for the problem. Our emails are flooded hence the delay in reply . We are upgrading our Server due to huge demand in TutuApp download. You will face no problem now.

      1. After update , you have to re-install TutuApp again. Its simple and easy. but make sure your iOS version is supported by Tutuapp.

  4. good day. I want to buy tutuvip and I have a question… If i buy it, will the apps I install still get revoked from time to time or they will be permanent?

  5. The app works but very unstable, it shuts down every 4 to 5 mins, very frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem? How do fix it?

    1. TutuApp is still new in iOS 10.2.1. We are working round the clock to make it even better and faster with more free apps. in the absence of Cydia , TutuApp is the finest alternative .

  6. I bought VIP but my download speed is still 30kb/s? I reinstalled the tutu app and all but it doesnt seem to get any faster in the download speed.
    What to do?

  7. Whenever i click on the link for ios 10.2.1 it says server busy please try again and so i keep refreshing the page and nothing happens. please help

  8. I am running ios 10.2.1 currently
    when I install TuTuApp VIP using method 2
    It does not start the Installation ti keeps give server busy. Please try again
    PLease help


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