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Back when Cydia was used on millions of devices, some apps were downloaded more than others were. For example, screen recorder apps have always been popular in Cydia because Apple doesn’t let us have a decent screen recording feature on our devices. Likewise, Apple doesn’t allow us access to our file system so it’s no surprise that iFile was one of the most downloaded apps of all time from Cydia. These days, jailbreaks are in very short supply so apps like iFile are now unobtainable. Luckily for everyone, we have found a way of downloading iFile [ext link] without Cydia and we’ll tell you how shortly. First, a look at what iFile offers.

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What is iFile ?

iFile is an advanced file manager app that allows you unfettered access to your iOS file system. In the same way that you can browse and customize your files on Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, so you can do the same with iFile on your iOS files. It is one of the most advanced tools ever and now you don’t need to jailbreak to get it.

iFile Features :

iFile is full of features, all of them useful. For starters, you can view all the different file types on your device, including:

  • Web archive
  • Text
  • Sound
  • PDF
  • Movies
  • Microsoft files
  • Images
  • HTML
  • Compressed formats
  • Apple iWork

You can do several operations on your software and multimedia files:

  • You can move them 
  • You can rename them
  • You can copy and paste them
  • You can edit config files, alongside other text and property lists
  • You can easily install .deb packages
  • You can pack and unpack any compressed file format
  • You can import files, including MP3s to your iPod Library

With iFile, you can easily move files in and out of your iPhone or iPad :

  • By using the built-in web server together with a browser or a network drive to upload and download file
  • By managing your FTP and Dropbox files more efficiently
  • By using a Toshiba FlashAir card to view and download files
  • By adding your files to emails as attachments
  • By mounting Apple disc image (.dmg) files
  • By using Bluetooth to send your files to iFile on another device

And iFile enjoys full integrations with :

  • Attachment Saver
  • Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing
  • Safari Download Manager

How to Download iFile :

Downloading iFile is almost as simple as downloading an app store app. All you need to do is download an app installer called TutuApp VIP first and then you can download iFile. The link below takes you to a full tutorial on how to download TutuApp; all you do then is open TutuApp, search for iFile and download it, its as simple as that.

  • Download TutuApp [ Full Tutorial ]

iFile is definitely one of the most useful apps that anyone could use and is well worth downloading. Apple is never going to allow you this kind of access, now or in the future, which makes iFile all the more valuable.

Download iFile, tell us what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more updates and news.iFile

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