Are you ready to hear some astounding news? I want to tell you all about a game called Fortnite, one of the best survival games to ever be released. But I don’t just want to tell you about the game; I want to tell you how to get an unlocked version of it for free.

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Isn’t it already free ?

Yes but, like most games, you only get limited features; if you want more, it’s going to cost you. You won’t even find Fortnite on the app store because Epic Games don’t want it there. You can only download it from their website but I have another way of downloading it, one that unlocks all the features for free.

Here’s the real deal.

Fortnite is a strategy game where you have to survive, you have to be the last one standing and to do that, you need weapons and you need resources. The developers give you a limited amount of each and you must pay if you want more. Until now. Interested? Then read on.

Download Fortnite Free :

My secret method does not involve a jailbreak and it does not involve money. All it does involve is another app store called TutuApp. It’s really simple; just download TutuApp onto your iPhone or iPad and then go into it, look for and install Fortnite and get a completely unlocked version.

It can’t be that simple, surely?

Yes it can. And do you know what’s even better?

TutuApp offers you tons of unlocked games and apps, all free and all yours with one simple download directly to your device.

Go to it; download TutuApp today, find and install Fortnite and start fighting to win with all the fantastic advantages the unlocked version gives you.

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