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iPhone jailbreaks seem to be fast becoming a thing of the past, or at the very least are few and far between now. Whether that is down to Apple making things more difficult or because the jailbreak teams have moved on to other things is something we don’t know but we do know that iOS users are now looking for alternative ways to get their favorite apps and games on their iOS devices. In recent times, several app installers have been released, each providing a limited amount of access to a few of the top Cydia tweaks, apps and games without having to jailbreak first but some of these require you to use your Apple ID. Today, a new one has been released and it’s called TutuApp VIP Installer.

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What is TutuApp Installer ?

It is the latest and best app installer, giving you free and easy access to the very best apps and games, including paid and premium content. Quite apart from the fact that you do not need to jailbreak, you also don’t need to provide your Apple ID and that works to keep your details and you safe when you are downloading the apps and gems. Other features include :

TutuApp VIP Features :

  • Completely free to download
  • App base is expanded daily to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of apps for iOS users
  • High Speed downloads
  • Unlike many other app installers, Tutuapp can be installed on your iOS device whether it is jailbroken or not
  • Full access to a whole range of paid content for free
  • Full optimization for both the iPhone and the iPad [ all models , as well as support for desktop use ]
  • Built-in memory optimizer and a cache cleaner
  • Easy to install

With the lack of jailbreaks these days, TutuApp VIP installer is very welcome, providing full access to just about any type of content you could possibly want. Anyone can download and install Tutuapp, making it perfect for those who are waiting for a jailbreak, those who already have one and those who don’t want to jailbreak. the only downside to Tutuapp is that, at the moment, it can only be downloaded in the Chinese language but we will be providing you with a full guide on how to download it.

Is this something you would have a go at installing or do you prefer to wait for Cydia to be updated ? Tell us what you think of Tutuapp and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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